Monday, August 22, 2016

State and Local Governments Take Action to Promote Affordable Housing

by Daniel McCue
Senior Research
Home prices are rising, rents are up, and units available for rent or sale are few and far between. Detailing these trends, our 2016 State of the Nation’s Housing report once again finds affordability concerns at the top of the list of US housing challenges, both in metropolitan areas and rural counties. But with assistance reaching just 26 percent of households that qualify for it, the federal response has not been able to keep up with the growth in low-income households in need of affordable housing. Faced with this challenge, states and municipalities are increasingly looking beyond federal programs to take whatever action they can to increase the supply of affordable housing.

So what are they doing? In a recent article posted on the Shelterforce Rooflines blog I look at how state and local governments—those who are most commonly tasked with implementing federally funded programs—are increasingly working independent of federal programs and using their own resources to increase the supply of affordable housing in their areas.

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